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Our class structure follows a traditional lesson plan format. Each class contains 6 components that creates one dynamic learning environment created specifically for the early childhood environment. Directors and teachers appreciate the level of energy and excitement generated in the class and how the programs are designed to teach and reinforce life skills throughout the entire class. Parents are overjoyed when they learn that they don't have to drive their child to a soccer class or karate school when the program is right in their school.
Each 30-45 minute class begins with a warm up game, a body weight calesthetic exercise and a systematic full body dynamic stretching routine. Ensuring that each child creates and maintains strong muscles, joints, lungs and heart is the ground floor of fitness for their future healthy body building. The next component is an activity specific lesson that teaches the skill of the week. This could be anything from a karate song, to passing the soccer ball to a sun salutation. We continue the learning fun by playing a game that relates to the specific activity. Lastly we all get into a circle criss cross applesauce and talk about a life skill like respect or teamwork or we do a deep breathing meditation. It still amazes me when a 3 year old takes on deep breathing and how it changes them. With your help, more children could learn these skills.


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